Cheap Fred Perry items and rare punk records for sale

I'm selling some really cheap Fred Perry items (and rare punk records) on ebay at the moment and would love it if you could take a look. They all have only a few days left and are selling at less than £2....

Items from london but can ship worldwide - just follow the link --------->

Contact me via ebay if you have any questions.

Heather x

Thanks guys - "best job" in AU


For the votes...everyone in this community is so nice, and I know it was kind of spamming, but I was looking for all the votes I could get...

I didn't make the top 50, but thats cool....I'm hoping to come back to London anyway, and that would have delayed me =] But hey, seemed like a sweet gig, right? 150,000 AU$ to snorkel for 6 months??? hell yes, lol

just wanted to say thanks, tho, you guys are awesome =] hope everyone is well and crap.... =]
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